We are Brave.

Christmas Adverts 2015


At Brave we believe in the power of creative bravery. We’ve read all the research and seen all the case studies, and we strongly believe that work which wins hearts and blows minds will translate into greater commercial success. Work that takes risks, and challenges the status quo.

However, we also understand the risk our clients face when putting their budgets and brand reputations on the line. It’s a lot easier to talk about taking risks than to actually take them. That’s why we created The Bravery Index.


The Bravery Index is a biometric tool that is able to accurately measure people’s emotional reactions to ads, and give brands a richer understanding of how strongly their message will resonate with their audience. This can help us interrogate campaigns and make the brave feel safe, giving clients new insights into the effectiveness of their ads before they even go live.

This Christmas we put our tool to the test, and tested the 5 most talked about ads in the country to understand which one was setting the nation’s hearts racing.


To find out more about The Bravery Index, speak to Junior Planner, Alice Burke Alice_Burke@Brave.co.uk
020 7036 1727