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The Bravery Index

Bravery Through Bio-Metrics



At Brave we believe in the power of creative bravery. We’ve read all the research and seen all the case studies, and we strongly believe that work which wins hearts and blows minds will translate into greater commercial success. Work that takes risks, and challenges the status quo & consumers’ preconceptions.

However, we also understand the risk our clients face when putting their budgets and brand reputations on the line. It’s a lot easier to talk about taking risks than to actually take them.

The usual course of action to mitigate risk is to carry out market research. However direct questioning techniques are simply not fit for purpose - System 2 (rational) questioning is unable to measure System 1 (intuitive) thinking. With respondents under the interview spotlight they struggle to articulate their emotions and resort to dubious post rationalisation merely to try and please the interviewer. And then there’s the disruptive influence of a rogue respondent that can so often spook the rest of the attendees of a focus group….



Which is why we created The Bravery Index.

 The Bravery Index is a biometric tool that is able to accurately measure people’s emotional reactions to audio-visual stimuli in a range of different formats and stages of production. We combine Galvanic Skin Response measurement with eye tracking and facial coding to analyse the aggregate response via our data algorithm. The GSR element measures the emotional intensity, the facial coding indicates the nature of the emotion and eye tracking allows us to identify the visual cues that trigger the response. 

We use the tool at all stages of the development process, from early territory mood films to finished advertising. The diagnostic output allows us to fine tune the creative work such that it maximizes the emotional impact and ultimately the commercial effectiveness for our clients’ brands.


To find out more about The Bravery Index, speak to Planning Partner, Dave Lawrence at Dave_Lawrence@brave.co.uk