A Brave twist on a southern classic

Thinking global and acting local, Brave have refined Brown Forman’s Southern Comfort ‘Street Car’ TVC for the UK market which breaks on 2nd July.  As part of their summer push for Southern Comfort, we were briefed to inject a little more clarity into the existing television commercial run in 2011, focussing on educating the target audience on how the sweet whiskey should be consumed and re-enforcing the brand values of ‘the unexpected’ twist Southern Comfort brings to a night out. Through revaluating their strategic objectives Brave developed a communications strategy that encompassed and unified a major radio sponsorship and print media campaign in addition to the UK TVC.

Via some clever editing, new soundtrack, shooting a few new scenes (including a pour shot which titillates the taste buds), and a VO script which celebrates the mindset of the confidently cool Southern Comfort consumer, we’ve managed to take a good commercial and turn it in to something that research has proven truly delivers that party vibe and that southern twist.

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