Brave Wins MAA Award – Best Advertising Led Campaign

We are delighted to have won an MAA Best Award for Panasonic Lumix G3.  Our Small Camera Epic Shots campaign triumphed against strong competition in the Best Advertising Led Campaign category.

Here’s what the judges had to say about the campaign:

“There was a real honesty about the Panasonic campaign that really resonated with both hobbyists and enthusiasts trading up to a new camera. A lot of brands like this would seek famous celebrities to front a campaign. Panasonic used highly professional photographers to give a truthful voice of experience but foregrounded the photographic capability of the product in contrasting styles. Using a variety of media and with a reportage showcase it felt very approachable for any budding photographer, plus this campaign was beautifully executed. Going up five places to number three in the standings for Panasonic speaks for itself.”

For an overview of what we delivered see the video below
For a more in depth look click here

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